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Countdown to Grizz Cup


2019 Grizz Cup January 18-21 2019 stay tuned for more info!

Grizz Cup XII

January 18th - 21st 2019

Grizz Cup 2018 youth hockey tournament was the 12th anniversary of Grizz Cup.  Come be a part of the biggest and best MLK tournament in the West.  2018 Grizz Cup XI crowned 10 Division Champions, hosted over 80 teams and 1400 participants.

Games will start Friday morning starting at the younger ages and wrap up by 3:30 PM Monday. For specific Championship game times visit the results page.  
Local team games may start Wednesday the 10th.  Any out of State teams willing to play Thursday night games should let me know ahead of time.
Each player will receive an awesome participation gift
Player and Team awards for Champions and player award for 2nd place. 
Shirt Vendor with lower prices, tournament photographer.



10U B, A and 12U B   
4 game guarantee, 12 min periods                 $1395.00
12U A, AA       
4 game guarantee, 13 min stop time periods   $1495.00
14U B, A
4 game guarantee, 13 min stop time periods   $1495.00
14U AA tier II
4 game guarantee, 13 min stop time periods   $1595.00
16U AA Tier II
4 game guarantee, 13 min stop time periods   $1595.00
Highschool / 18U A
4 game guarantee, 13 min stop time periods   $1595.00

$100.00 deposit required at registration non-refundable if accepted.
Registration Fee Balance non-refundable after Nov 1st.

Items needed after registration, email to 

USA Hockey Official Roster Link ASAP
Full Payment by 11/1/2017
Team Photo by 12/1/2017 for Digital Program
Completed Score sheet sticker template found below by 11/15/2017

Items required by USA Hockey at tournament check-in

Each team should have a team binder that contains the following items:
USA Hockey Official Roster
Utah Amateur hockey Concussion Policy
Travel permit if required by home state affiliate

Forms found here

Schedule will be released by January 1st, Teams needing special accommodations should check with me as early as possible, I try my best to accommodate but not all requests are possible.

A Note from the Director

As 2018 Grizz Cup has come to end so has my tenure as Grizz Cup Director. I Think it’s important to tell everyone Thank-you! Those who started it Rick and Board, to those who I learned from by watching and visiting with during my small volunteer part the first couple years stuffing a participation bag or sitting table and attending Board meetings, Ted, and Suzanne. The amazing co-Directors who know what it’s like that weekend working the rink for 75-80 hours in 4 days, the Board members working outlying rinks keeping them running smoothly, the volunteers working registration tables, the artists behind the scenes making programs, logos and posters, scorekeepers freezing their buts off, those referees who never make the right call except when it’s on the other team, ( says the crowd).. the teams, coaches, parents and players, the TM’s that keep it all going for their teams providing all the stuff I had to collect, the rink staff and facility operators who clean up after every game, the photographer who risks injury every game to capture that moment, Announcers who can help calm a moment by raising that volume, The other vendors who help to make it a fun experience, my employer letting me miss 3 days of work there’s too many names to list but you all know who you are, Thanks to my family who have had to share most weekends after October and pretty much every Christmas break, and who don’t see me for 4 days during the cup. It’s all of this that has made Grizz Cup The Best Hockey Tournament Ever... introducing Robyn Long and Jason Sims who will continue the tradition. Thank you and Regards, Chris

2018 Schedule

For up to the  minute results

Hello All,
First, let me say thanks in advance to all of you, your teams and parents for choosing to participate in Grizz Cup 2018!! We do our best to make this a fun tournament for everybody while at the same time offer a challenging and rigorous tournament to bring the best out in all participants.
Please understand that we did our best to accommodate special scheduling requests.  At this time of publication, the schedule has already been reviewed and approved as is by the Tourney Committee, Rinks, and On/Off Ice Officials – so it is extremely difficult to make any changes to the schedule at this time.  I hope you understand all the structure that goes into building such a schedule.

Results for all games can be found under the "2018 Results" tab at and will be updated as soon as possible following each game.  Please check here often for semi final and consolation match-ups throughout the tournament.  

             It's very hard to secure ice for a tournament of this size and we would like to thank all of the Rink facilities for accommodating the tournament.  The Rinks are all very proud of their facilities and work their hardest to keep them in World Class condition.  Please remind all participants and spectators to treat the facilities with utmost respect.  Rinks will be open at least 45 mins before the first game of the day.   Please help us with the following rink rules.  Rink locations and maps can be found under the Venue tab or here

  1. No Floor hockey is allowed inside any rink facilities
  2. Many of the facilities are Multi use centers.  Please keep players and siblings in the rink areas only, particularly at Cottonwood Heights.  Please use main level arena seats at Maverik Center, no suites or upper level should be occupied by player or spectators.
  3. Please leave a clean locker room, pickup tape and trash etc before returning the key.
  4. Lock rooms while players are on the ice.  Neither WMAHA nor the rinks are responsible for theft in locker rooms.
  5. Teams are responsible for any damages to locker rooms and/or facilities.
  6. Please have teams do their dryland/warmup outside of the facilities unless the weather is very bad.  We try to provide the best experience for spectators watching games in progress.

           Please be aware and understand them before the tournament begins.   See the Rules Tab also posted below. The website is used to disseminate information refer to the rules for all procedures.

Here are a couple keys rules to be aware of:

  1. Home Team will wear Dark Jersey
  2. 4 goal differential after the 2nd period  will result in run time clock, in addition for the 10U and 12U B divisions: a 7 goal differential during  the first period, 4 goal after the 1st and if less than 20 minutes remain at the start of the 3rd period will result in run time clock.
  3. Tournament Director will not overrule any on ice decision or penalties.
  4. Pool games will end in a tie, Points are distributed as such, 3 pts for win, 1 pt for a tie.

Tournament Vendors
           Tournament vendors will be located upstairs at Steiner.   Apparel is also available online now through the tournament at this link -

Thank you again for being a part of Grizz Cup 2018.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and safe travels – We will see you in a few weeks!!
Chris Hendry
Tournament Director


Robyn Eyre-Long
Grizz Cup


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2018 Sanction # 18UT100

Click link below to get your Grizz Cup XII
Official Apparel NOW!!!


10U B
Junior Golden Knights

10U A
Jr Steelheads

12U B
Stockton Colts

12U A
New Mexico Warriors

12U AA
San Diego Saints

14U B
Utah Junior Grizzlies

14U A
Glenwood Grizzlies 

 Hyland Hills

San Francisco Sabercats

Jr Steelheads


Pay Your Registration Balance

If you chose to pay the balance offline, make checks payable to WMAHA and mail to: 

Grizz Cup/Robyn Eyre-Long
6864 Otter Creek Drive
West Jordan, UT 84081


Or pay by credit card via PayPal, instructions and payment button below.
Registration fee due in full by November 1st, No refunds after Nov 1st.

If you chose to pay the balance offline after the required non-refundable $100 deposit the balance is as follows:

10U B        $1295    Total $1395
10U A        $1295    Total $1395
12U B        $1295    Total $1395
12U A        $1395     Total $1495
12U AA      $1395     Total $1495
14U B        $1395     Total $1495
14U A        $1395     Total $1495
14U AA Tier II        $1495  Total $1595
16U AA Tier II        $1495  Total $1595
18U A/Highschool  $1495  Total $1595

Click pay button below,  In the "Add special instruction to seller" line include Team Name and Division.
The payment page shows as "Donation" but your full balance is credited to your registration.  Please forward your receipt to


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